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Members of America’s largest minority group, Hispanics, are not exactly at a disadvantage when it comes to education.  In several fronts, their being a minority could work against them.  Discrimination is still an issue despite movements for equal opportunities.  Hispanics are among those who are challenged in so many ways, such as in terms of employment opportunities, due to language, cultural, and financial challenges.  A lot of institutions are now more supportive of Hispanics who are deserving of some advancement in their status in life.  Hispanics, in some ways, are not all that different in their life goals as compared to native white Americans.  Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or country of origin, wishes to have some improvement in their way of life.  Anyone who is willing to exert effort towards that goal should be supported at all costs.

A number of Hispanic scholarship opportunities are open to those who are willing and able to comply with the requirements of those offering to extend financial help towards their college education.  It is up to the Hispanic student to ensure that they exert utmost effort in proving their academic excellence and their determination towards achieving their goal of completing their college education.  Only the best of the best are able to bag any one of these Hispanic scholarship opportunities.  Various institutions would have their own set of criteria and the aspiring scholar should prepare to meet these criteria during their early schooling years.

The first and most common criteria is financial need.  Those who are in most need of financial assistance is often prioritized by the screening committees of these institutions providing scholarships.  Most Hispanic scholarship aspirants fit this criteria to a tee since majority of those who apply for scholarships are those who are financially challenged.  A family’s household income as well as the income earning capacity of the applicant’s immediate family members are often considered as part of the financial needs evaluation of most institutions and organizations offering scholarships.  It is not uncommon to find Hispanics working their way through school while at the same time helping with the financial obligations at home.

Another criteria is academic excellence.  Most scholarships require that an applicant have a certain grade point average through elementary and high school education.  A 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent thereof is often the minimum average acceptable for most scholarships.  While there are those that require a US citizenship from an applicant for scholarship, there are also those that do not necessarily require an applicant to hold particular citizenships for as long as the other criteria are met.  Those specialized or technical scholarships also take into consideration an applicant’s aptitude and skill in determining whether or not he is deserving of being granted the scholarship.

Commitment and determination are also considered in granting any form of scholarship.  No scholarship committee will award a scholarship to someone who does not know exactly what he wants not to someone who is unsure of how to proceed with his education.  To these institutions, giving a scholarship to someone just because he met the criteria would be a waste of limited resources if the recipient will not be able to finish his education anyway.  Having a clear idea of what one wants to get out of life and how he intends to use his college education would be a great plus. Even knowing what future career you want will go a long way. There are those institutions that require a scholar to render service to the company either while studying or after graduation in exchange for that particular company sponsoring his education.

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