Looking For A Good Hispanic Scholarship?

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Check These Out!

As we all know, the population of Hispanics in the US has risen every year and they now out number other minorities.  With Hispanic American numbers rising it’s no wonder why many universities and colleges have started to give out Hispanic scholarship money to students of Hispanic decent.

When Hispanics immigrated to the US they usually took jobs with very low pay so they could support their families.  They put in a lot of energy into acclimating into the American culture, but they usually suffered from financial problems that left them unable to complete school and move on to college.  Usually this leaves the families and them stuck in poverty for generations.

But, in recent years many organizations give out more and more Hispanic scholarship to help Hispanics get into college and further their education.  This gives Hispanics more opportunities to go to trade schools, universities and colleges.  Not only will the Hispanic scholarship money help Hispanic men get into the workforce, they also help Hispanic women get into universities and colleges.  This is a very important part of the Hispanic scholarship since Hispanic women are usually asked to give up their education for domestic duties.

Here is a list where you can find a good Hispanic Scholarship:

*Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Scholarship Programs:  They give out $500 – $3,000 every year.  They give this out to 200 Hispanic Undergrad’s and graduate students that are registered in HACU college.

*Hispanic Scholarship Fund:  They give out $1,000 – $3,000 every year to over three thousand Hispanic undergrad’s and graduate students.

*Hispanic College Fund Scholarship Program:  They give out $1,000 to $5,000 every year to over 600 Hispanic undergrad students.

*High School Scholarship Program:  They give out $1,000 to $2,500 every year to a different number of first year college students.

*First In My Family Scholarship Program:  They give out $500 to $5,000 every year to over 100 Hispanic undergrad’s.

*Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students:  They give out $500 to $3,000 every year to 20 to 40 Hispanic undergrad’s and graduate students that major in math or actuarial science.

*Earl G. Graves NAACP Scholarship:  They give out $5,000 every year to different number of Hispanics that major in business.

Looking For Free Hispanic College Money

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Are You Looking For Free Hispanic College Money?  Look No Further!

Are you looking for free Hispanic college money?  Here in the US the number of Hispanics in college is a lot less than that of other minorities despite that the Hispanic population is the largest minority in the US.  So, to even out the odds there are several grants that are offered to Hispanics to assist them in creating a better future by helping them pay for their college education.

The corporation of Sallie Mae works along side the Hispanic College Fund to help make the “First in My Family” scholarship fund for those with disadvantaged backgrounds that have no history of their families ever going to college.

For those Hispanics looking for free Hispanic college money and want a degree in the health or medicine field there is the “Hispanic Nurses Association” and they have scholarships and grants like “Nursing Education Load Repayment Program”, “March of Dimes Nursing Scholarship Program”, Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Health Professions”, “Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students Program”.  If you live in Texas then you can take advantage of grants that help Hispanics get into 4-year or vocational nursing programs.

You can also get free Hispanic college money from corporations like Xerox and AT&T.  They offer money to support the Hispanic community to further their educations.

There is also the “Jose Marti Challenge Grant” and this one is given through the Florida Department of Education and this grant is for underprivileged Hispanic students that want a 4 year degree.

Another place for free Hispanic college money is Silicon Valley Scholarship given by the National Hispanic University that is in California and this helps Hispanic students to enroll in computer science or engineering with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and they will help them get grants toward their college tuition.

Here is some of the hundreds of free Hispanic college money grants that are available:

*Gilbert Rios Memorial Award:  They give out $5,000 ever year to one female and one male of Hispanic descent that are undergrad students.

*Gulf Coasts Research Laboratory Minority Summer Grant:  They give out grants every year to one Hispanic undergrad student.

*Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grand Fund:  They give out $2,000 every year to 63 Hispanic pupils.

*Texas Department of Transportation Conditional Grant Program:  They give out $6,000 every year for a lot of undergrad students of Hispanic decent that are majoring in DP, CS, or CE.

The Yes I Can! Foundation no longer exists, but CEC maintains the annual Yes I Can! Awards program for children and youth with disabilities who excel. The Yes I Can! Awards is a recognition program only; more information can be found on the CEC Web site.

Find College Scholarships for Hispanics

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Are you searching for college scholarships for Hispanics?  Did you know that the Hispanic population is the biggest minority group of the United States?  But the statistics say that above all the other groups of minorities, Hispanic students are just not seen in the college world and many just don’t go on to college.

Because of this there are many college scholarships for Hispanics out there and they are plentiful and appear from all kinds of places.

College scholarships for Hispanics are targeted to potential college students and those already in college that are Hispanic in descent including South American, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc.

College Scholarships For Hispanics

Universities and Colleges offer need and merit based scholarships for many kinds of students, and that includes minorities.  Certain departments also provide scholarships for certain student majors, and a few are very often reserved just for the minority students.  There are a lot of college scholarships for Hispanics in fields where minorities have been absent historically like math, engineering, tech and science subjects.

Here are a couple of places where you can find college scholarships for Hispanics:

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF):  They have been supporting Hispanic college students well over 30 years.  This organization gives millions of dollars of scholarship money yearly to Hispanic pupils all over the United States.  Their goal is to provide financial support and encouragement to increase the admission of Hispanic pupils in universities and colleges all over America.

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU):  They work very hard to help Hispanic student education.  They join up with key corporations and organizations to fund the scholarships for Hispanic students.

Make sure you don’t overlook all the scholarship opportunities that are given out by the Federal government and the ones in your home state.  They both offer great financing opportunities for minorities.

Some places where you can find college scholarships for Hispanics would be from your career or high school guidance counselors, your public libraries, the organizations in your area or clubs that your active in, employers of your parents and of course do search Hispanic scholarships online.

I’m sure you will find many that you can sign up for.  Good Luck!